Aroi Oy
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Aroi Oy´s activity has essentially started already in the beginning 1980`s, when the main activities were translation- and consulting services to significant Finnish companies in Soviet-Russian markets. At the same time The City of Turku started to organize great international exhibitions and appealed to open international contacts to the significant Museums of St. Petersburg and Moscow. After this Aroi Oy´s action has expanded to all the significant museums of the major cities of Southern Finland. All the siginificant museums and private foundations of Europe, Russia and China have been Aroi Oy´s trustworthy international partners.

To it´s current form Aroi Oy has been established just 1992. Company´s activities extended to the practical export- and
authority services. Aroi has been assisting, as an expert, to both Finnish and international companies ja business organisations,
which have been targeted to Russian or Chinese business and desire or interest to establish at the Russian or Chinese markets.

Through Aroi has placed in Russian and Chinese markets specially sizeable building companies, for example Optiroc/Maxit´s . factoryproject at Beijing in 2001-2005. And also other Finnish export companies, whom have had a desire to enlarge and sedure their place at the market in question. From a consultant´s point of view there is a lot of unused possibilities regardless of the size of the project. More important is to engage to take action at a new market and to operate in a way that is regionally beneficial.

Aroi Oy has indeed arranged commercial seminars together with Russian, Chinese and Finnish authorities to raise the knowledge about this cause. These seminars have been sponsored by some of the biggest companies in Finland and Minister-level franchising from Finland, Russia and China.

Aroi Oy´s rich experience in the field of intenational activities shows that economy, politics and art are intimately accompanied, and that those are helping substantially in practical work of export, when Finnish export companies are looking for new markets and establish to foreign cultures. Aroi Oy´s activities are still continuing at international markets.